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At the peak of its hype, Virtual and Augmented Reality is on everyone’s daily chat. Right from newspapers to social blogs, VR / AR has been striking attention for the groundbreaking possibilities it offers. With its growing demand we aim to suffice the needs of a variety of businesses for VR / AR as a marketing strategy or as a revolution in the work environment.

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    Newest Addition: Microsoft Hololens

Our Latest Project - for Elmach Packaging India

Elmach has brought a revolution in the Pharma Industry by being the first Pharma Packaging Company in the world to have Mixed Reality as a full time work environment solution. From Ordering Spare Parts for their Machines to Monitoring Real-Time Data, Elmach provides it's clients with a state-of-the-art technology to resolve the common industry problems. Here's snaps from the C.Phi P-MEC India Pharma Week Exhibition.

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Featured - The ISRO Exhibition

We, along with the Indian Space Research Organization - Space Applications Center exhibited at the KJSCE Mumbai's Abhiyantri 2016. Approximately, 500+ visitors were enthralled by an immersive experience of a Virtual Reality ride of India's first Manned Mars Mission and a Virtual Solar System Experience.


A galactic experience - for a Restaurant

For the first time ever in India, Virtual Reality can be experienced at a Restaurant. Chemistry 101 - A Gastro Bar, indeed a food magic lab, brought to you by UK's top chef, Stephen Gomes. Experience the galactic marvels while sipping the Guardians of Galaxy.

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Indulgent 360 virtual tours

Dive into the virtual environments, no matter wherever you are. We specialize in capturing super-high resolution 360 images and videos and recreate the complete experience of touring around just like in real life. Below demonstrated is a 360 Pano of the beautiful Somaiya Vidyavihar campus.

Hyper realistic graphics

Renders are never an issue when realism is concerned. But real-time graphics are. With our extensive research and optimum use of the GPUs, we excel in producing a first-rate quality of graphics. Realistic graphics bring us excellent results in Real Estate and Space & Military projects.

augmented reality solutions

Real world + CGI = Awesomeness !

With our vision to create mind-blowing and productive experiences with Mixed Reality technology, our focus stays on developing graphically enhanced real environments with AR.

Our Services across Industries

Virtual and Augmented Reality are such technologies which can be served to as many sectors as possible. May it be a Virtual Surgery Training for Doctors or a Field Trip to Mars for village students or a Himalayan trek for a 90 year old, anything is possible !



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About Us

We are enthusiasts, geeks and engineers from backgrounds ranging from mechatronics to computer science to user experience design, with the vision to empower the industry with breathtaking immersive technologies. Come, be a part of our story.


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